My Favorite Baby Carrier

One of the best parts of urban-parenting is getting to wear your lil’ babe (while they’re still little!) everywhere instead of strapping them into a carseat. Although both has its advantages (drinking coffee in the car while my kids are listening to Raffi in the backseat is #momgoals), but I feel lucky I get to run all my errands while easily carrying my baby! I wore the Solly Baby Wrap for a loonggggg time with Juliette, because I loved that she felt really secure and all bundled up! Also the cap-sleeve wrap-look is adorable and feels very Brooklyn, yes?

With Samson I bought a new, more neutral color  Solly and love the feeling of bonding with him while I’m picking up groceries or diapers or buckets of dry shampoo. The wrap is super easy to tie on after you’ve worn it even twice and there’s loads of tutorial videos that even I can follow! I love how light the Solly fabric is, the color choices, and that there’s a little pouch to easily pack er’ up. I know there are lots of other wrap options and this one is on the pricier side, but the cost-per-wear is super low when I’m wrapping him up in this thing every other day (or more) for at least three months. Also they are a hot-mommy item so I plan on reselling all of mine on the sad day that Samson is too big!



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