Snoo Review!

I got a ton of questions via Instagram about “if the Snoo works” or “if the Snoo is ‘worth it”, and the short answer if “yes” and “yes”, but with a few “however’s”.

First, the Snoo, invented by Dr. Karp of the Happiest Baby books, promises to “boost sleep using rhythms babies love”.  Basically the Snoo rocks and shushes your baby to keep them asleep, and rocks and shushes “harder” if they start fussing. This was GREAT for the first 4-5 weeks, as we (yes ‘we’, Shawn got up with me every night to help!) would feed Samson, toss him back in the Snoo and he would fall back to sleep immediately (and I think the white noise helped Shawn and I fall back asleep also)! Around week four, however, Samson would, ahem, have a bit more trouble going back to sleep in the middle of the night and although the Snoo still helped, it just didn’t have the incredible kick it did in the first few weeks.

When Samson was around 8 weeks old we flew to Florida so we could see all of Shawn’s family, but were underwhelmed with the hotel’s crumby crib which was, trust me, no Snoo. Samson actually slept better in a mortal crib than we expected, so when we got home we shipped back the Snoo and put Samson into his lil’ secondhand Ikea crib, and he slept about as well as expected for an 8-week-old.

We were able to rent the Snoo through Shawn’s work for around $100/month, and I’ve seen rental discounts open to the public on their site! They also offer a 30 day trial, and getting better sleep for 30 days for free sounds is pretty great if you don’t want to shell out for the rental or Snoo purchase. Lastly on price, if you are able to purchase a used Snoo or sell your used one thats a great, eco-friendly, wallet-friendlyish alternative!

Let me know if you have questions and happy sleeping!


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