In Minnesota

Welcome to my creative space! I may live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan, but
my heart rests in the Midwest and with my mini-family including mini Juliette and my massive baby Samson. I love being a
working mom who can make time for cocktails and Love Island, diapers and dates
– and lots of trips back to my hometown, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

I’m an expert on all things figure skating, ice fishing and Dairy Queen and
have learned to take advantage of the big city lifestyle in NYC. I
found myself always inserting that I was from the Midwest or Minnesotan,
while knowing there was a charm and friendly wisdom that comes from my
part of the country. Living in Brooklyn, New York lends itself to lots
of bragging via social media (the food and architecture are usually
perfect) – so I chronicle what I can via this blog, on Instagram and

Thank you for caring and I hope you enjoy following along just as much as my mom does.