Wrap Star

Dress // Forever 21 ($13!), Sunglasses // Sole Society, Sneakers // New Balance,  Wrap // Solly Baby

Happy Monday! Last weekend we spent the day walking Williamsburg, Brooklyn, killing time before deciding it was ‘okay’ to head to the Spritzenhaus for grapefruit-flavored beer and a jumbo pretzel. 
The Solly Baby wrap has been a game-changer. Juliette loves her stroller, for about forty-five minutes before wanting to be cuddled/carried, which is very sweet of her but not always convenient when her mom still has half an ice cream cone to kill. It’s a hand-free way to be super-close, and she’s still so small I sometimes forget she’s in there! This brand is so so soft and actually really easy to put on, I really recommend it for moms who like to eat ice cream during while running errands 🙂
We are off to Lake George tomorrow because maternity leave is awesome…

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