P.S. We’re Home!

Typically hospitals will offer in-room professional newborn photos, so families can have the absolute freshest pictures of their new babe. I planned on doing this, but the day we got to bring Juliette home the thought to call and get her a photoshoot scheduled couldn’t have been further from my mind, we were just so focused on bringing this tiny baby back to Brooklyn with us. Whoops!
When we got home I planned on getting some profesh photos right away, but she was so tiny and didn’t fit into anything and she was looking a little different every day so we decided to wait a bit. 
Everything worked out as it should taking photos a few weeks later, in our home and as a family. Shawn’s friend and soccer teammate, Oliver Correa, is an amazing photographer, did a fantastic job, and was so sweet with Juliette, even though she didn’t open her eyes until five minutes before he left (we tried everything to get her to open her little eyes including maybe dunking her foot in a glass of water… )
Hope you enjoy them as much as we loved taking them.
Tank // Target, Skirt // ASOS, Bedding // Pottery Barn, White Chair // Pottery Barn Kids, Juliette’s Blanket // Little Unicorn, Juliette’s Shorts // Baby Gap
Best Parents Ever…

Bye Everyone!

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    Beautiful pictures!

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