Palm Springs Babymoon + Photo Diary

Shawn and I went on a babymoon to Tulum when I was pregnant with Juliette, and although I couldn’t drink margaritas it was amazing and a good choice as we are now in a Zika-era where a Mexican babymoon would be baadddddd. This time around (ahem, our last time around) we needed something a bit easier, shorter, and CDC-approved as we were leaving our two-year old with my parents.

I would like to say “we” chose Palm Springs, but in reality “I” chose Palm Springs as it seems like a place where you sit down a lot and I wanted to see that damn pink door in-person. We achieved both! Lots of sitting and I sure as hell got out of the rental car to take my pink door Instagram pic (Shawn is still surprised I had to get out the car for this).
We also fit in two different hikes, spent our mortgage at a gourmet grocery store twice, and had brunch at every hotel in town.
Here’s the rundown:
  • we obviously took the 30-min drive to Joshua Tree and did a few mini-hikes there, the gift shop is great! BONUS there is a Sonic on the way!
  • I much-preferred the Palm Canyon hiking, which was really flat, pretty, and more of a lovely dessert walk that called for snacks, we did the Murray Trail
  • We took a few strolls through the shops on Palm Canyon Drive which was a lot of gift-type stores and that gourmet market I mentioned:  On the Mark Fine Foods and Provisions
  • The El Paseo Shopping in Palm Dessert was more outdoor mall-like, which was fun because Shawn and I never go shopping together anymore and we spent more than a few dreamy minutes in their Tesla dealership
  • my favorite meal was brunch at the Colony, followed by brunch at the Avalon
  • we stayed (with points!) at the Riviera, which was really nice but I would probably pick a smaller place next time
  • we loved our fancy, adult steak dinner at Mr. Lyons (get the onion rings)
  • the popsicles at Jus Chillin’ on Palm Canyon Drive are totally worth a stop
P.S. “That pink door” is found at 1100 Sierra Way

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