My Take On Sleep Training

While thinking of subjects to write about, I kept thinking about some parenting help I currently need: Juliette growing out of her mini crib – what now?! We just found out that Juliette is allergic to penicillin – how to deal?! I’ve bought Juliette three new bathing suits for summer and its going to be twenty degrees on Wednesday – okay this is something I don’t see being fixed any time soon…
I can’t give any advice on any of the above (except don’t go near the Target toddler swim section), but instead focus on what Juliette is a master at: sleeping. Juliette kills is in her crib. Oh wait, for some reason we are in a circumstance that she needs to sleep but not in her crib? She slays. She is the best sleeper in the Brooklyn and I’m going to take some time to brag about it and give some unsolicited advice. 
Step 1: Buy books, and make sure your partner reads them so everyone is on the same page. I read out loud during a road trip which I recommend if you are on the move. The two books we based our “sleep method” on are : Twelve Hours of Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old, and The Contented Little Baby

Step 2. We really did a combo of both of the books, using the schedule from 12 Weeks and the “nighttime toolbox” tips (i.e.that baby is staying in the crib come hell or high water) from Contented Little Baby. The schedule part is basically feed your baby every four hours while slowly ghosting the nighttime feed. This was rough for about a week, and we weren’t too rigid about doing the feedings right at the four-hour mark.

Step 3: Don’t give up! It’s SO worth it.

Step 4: If your baby is basically sleeping through the night, get a nap schedule going. Juliette started getting irritable (the nicest way of putting it) early, around 9:30 but I was usually putting her down for her naps around 10:30am. One day she even fell sleep in her high chair (see photo!). I started putting her down around 9:30am and that just became her time. It’s early, but really nice because everything gets to stay in their pajamas for a few extra hours on the weekend and then when we are out for the day around 1:00pm, we are OUT. Most of my friend’s kids nap later which works for them, but I would absolutely try the early nap thing if you think your kiddo is a good candidate.

Step 5: Do what works for you. My mom wife gives her a kid a bottle at 6:00am an then he sleeps another hour and a half. Great! Juliette wakes up in the middle of most nights and I can hear sounds coming from her room that sound like “Elmo”, “Kiwi” “Eat” “Gaga” (Grandma). Great!

Step 6: Have your kid take naps out of their crib at an early age. Go to a hotel, have them sleep in the car, do a nap in the stroller, on a plane…just so they don’t NEED their exact crib, room, etc. to sleep. This way you can travel and do naps on the go if you’re in a bind.

P. S. I am obviously not a baby sleep therapist or expert AND Juliette will still get up early or wake up and need a middle-of-the-night cuddle. This is just my take and I feel that our “method” has worked for us and our baby! I also have a million adorable cute photos of my kid sleeping (doesn’t everyone?!) and this seemed like a great place to post. 

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  1. It is such a pleasure watching baby asleep so peacefully. Thanks for the share.

    Posted 8.19.17 Reply