Riviera Maya Photo Diary

Hola from Mexico! Just kidding we’ve been back a few weeks and its cold and rainy in Brooklyn – yay! So, just to brag quick : we went to Mexico just about every winter growing up because my mom was a Spanish teach and the Minnesota winters are obviously #cruel. We were really lucky to get to go so often, and now I feel like I still need to go every year even though my Spanish is Bad (with a capital “B”) and New York City winters circa 2018 aren’t Bad (with a capital “B”). Shawn and I have been to Mexico together a few times, even when we were a step above casually dating and for our babymoon! We haven’t been able to go for the last two years because of CDC warnings with Zika,if you’re pregnant or have a spark in your eye about thinking about trying to get pregnant you should probably read up on what the CDC has to say. As we are baby free from now until the end of time – we went all-in for a Mexico vacay!

Nostalgia aside, we really love traveling to Mexico because the weather is fantastic, the culture/people couldn’t be more wonderful, the food is even better, and the flight into Cancun from New York City is only about four hours flight time. Sold.

We were a bit nervous about having 2 kids on the plane and around the pool, but Samson sleeps through the night and naps well during the day and Juliette is basically an adult 9% of the time (i.e. when she’s watching a movie or playing the Daniel Tiger iPad game), so it wasn’t so bad!

 Some details about the trip: we stayed at the Mahekal Beach resort in Playa del Carmen, which we’ve actually stayed at twice before! We love the palapa-style rooms and its not some sort of family hotel where there’s kids climbing the walls everywhere, but it’s “kid-friendly” which is just how it should be! We brought A LOT of little things for Juliette to do in a chair next to the pool to get her out of the sun which I have in “shopping details below! I hardly did any shopping for myself for the trip because I’m still in an in-between phase where I’m not quite back to my normal size and should start buying clothes again so I honestly wore a lot my maternity dresses and bought one new swim suit ha! Which means I bought myself four winter coats this year because the sales were so good, the weather is so cold, and they don’t mind I haven’t lost all my baby weight!

I hope anyone reading this is going someone, anywhere warm soon and that I can live vicariously through you!



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