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Hi friends! I’ve never found a travel site that I’m truly happy with, although The New York Times Travel site does a great job, so I usually start there, make my way over to Goop, but I’m usually still at a loss for affordable, local suggestions. The best suggestions are those that come from friends you wouldn’t mind marrying, but second best would be girls/moms like me using WordPress as their creative space.

I’m not a New York Times travel writer (in this life), but I love the idea of giving a glimpse at all of the out and abouting I do with my family and friends, in the place I know best: NYC + Brooklyn!

I got a day off work (!) for my birthday, Shawn also took off and we took the babe all over the west side of Manhattan for hitting up 3 different playgrounds, 2 stops for ice cream, and 1 above-ground park.

Itinerary for (almost) a full day “doing” the High Line: Start at 23rd street walking west and head to Doughnut Plant getting doughnuts + lattes to go. Head up to the High Line and walk south, stopping only to to take Instagram-worthy photos atop Manhattan + eating doughnuts. Get off the High Line on Gansevoort Street and right across the street, on the water is the Pier 51 Playground, where you can basically cage your kids into a waterpark/playground with a giant ramp to WEAR THEM OUT. Not enough? Walk south and hit the Pier 25 Playground with even more stuff for kids including a stand with homemade lemonade and mini golf. Walk down to Brookfield Place for shopping at places like Club Monaco and J. Crew  (those are the most affordable options FYI) and if your kids are well-behaved or asleep sit outside at Le District’s Beauborg restaurant for pricey shrimp cocktail. Your kids aren’t well-behaved or aren’t asleep? There’s a Shake Shack in Brookfield Place. One more thing : the Sea Glass Carousel in Battery Park is incredible, adorable, and pregnant-mom-friendly! Done and done!

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