Mom Musts: Month One

After being a mom for slightly over a month, I’m by no means an expert and actually feel extremely in the dark about what the heck I’m doing 75% of the time. I do have, however, a few helpers I would recommend to any new moms that have made my, Shawn, and Juliette’s life a bit easier/nicer. 
Here are a few suggestions so far:
1 // The Medela breastpump is hugely popular, so that’s what I went with and am happy with it, however the real treat is using the bottles I pump into as the bottles we use to feed Juliette. Even one less step really makes feeding easier. I’m off to buy more as we go through A LOT.
2 // I bought a handful of these sweet little stretchy headband bows that make our half-bald baby look instantly feminine and can easily make a slobbered-on onesie look super-cute.
3 // A very generous girlfriend sent a beautiful box of Ralph Lauren baby goodies, and this blanket is the clear favorite. It’s jersey-cotton is SUPER soft and something we pull out during tummy-time alone with a few laughs at Juliette’s sweet little struggles.
4 // We have had some HOT NYC weather, and our pediatrician advised that Juliette should dress as we would want to dress for the weather. These tank onesies are weather-friendly, gsuper easy to put on and take off, and really show off her baby biceps (jk!)
5 // Juliette doesn’t love chomping on a pacifier yet, but this Phillips one is the only one that is a bit soothing for her. It’s also BPA free. 
6 // We’ve tried a few different diaper brands, and the Honest company one’s are baby and earth-friendly, and all of the cute patters (bananas!) are too much in a good way.
 7 // We were hesitant as first about purchasing a Pack ‘n’ Play as they take up a ton of space and we weren’t sure if we really needed one. The moveable bassinet has been the dreamiest (pun intended) little bed as we can easily have Juliette snoozing in any room or our place and she seems to love how it has more of a snug feel than a crib.  
8 // We got the Sleep Sheep as a gift and it plays perfect “shushing” sounds that Juliette loves. It also looks adorable in her crib!
9 // I would be a total TOTAL mess without these disposable nursing pads. I found maternity bras didn’t really fit me and all just cost an extra $15 than my regular bras, so I found it easier to just pop these in my bras and pull a strap down. The pads keep my bras breastmilk-free when I’m not nursing. This brand’s pads are the perfect thickness.
10 // We got an adorable, and slightly pricey, changing pad cover that looks great in Juliette’s nursery. However sometimes accidents, ahem, happen and these little washable pads that we keep on part of her changing pad still show the cute cover and usually keep “surprises” off the cover. Usually…
11 // We did a TON of research on strollers, and although a lot of people raved about whatever brand they were using, I sort of wanted something unique and stylish because buying something super practical just didn’t seem as fun…the Mamas and Papas Urbo2 (a UK-based brand) gets a zillion compliments, I can steer with literally two fingertips, and the best part is Juliette sleeps really well while we stroll around Brooklyn. It’s a bit pricey and the basket isn’t luggage-sized, but my parents gave this to us as a (fantastic) gift and we find the small basket forces us to not load up a ton of stuff for our walks. Did I mention there are cognac-colored leather accents?
12 // Something else that’s received loads of compliments is our Little Unicorn swaddle blankets. They are functionable, look gorgeous in photos, and affordable enough to order a few like I did.

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  1. Congratulations on your new little one!! Thank you so much for sharing the link to the headbands – I have a little girl due in October and have been keeping my eye out for the perfect headbands.


    Posted 8.17.15 Reply