Help Me Pinterest

Looking for side tables with a 14′ inch diameter is hard work.

Our living room is coming together (we got our couch!), and I thought it was time to come up with an official theme/mood to a. keep the room cohesive, and b. it sounds totally annoying and ridiculous.
Back to the theme/mood, I’ve decided on Paris in Winter which is neither modest or approachable. Perfect. Excellent. And since I am neither Marie Antoinette nor Kristen Dunst pretending to be Marie Antoinette, I needed to seek one of my favorite self-help resources, Pinterest. Using search phrases such as “Icy Parisian” “Winter Paris” “Cold Decor” and “French Living Room in Winter Neutrals” was a wild success. Pinterest, once again, proved to be the WebMD for non-medical emergencies.
Here are sample of my favorite pics, and you can always see all my helpful pins on my Pinterest board.

Oh and here’s one of me visiting the part of Versailles that was built specifically for Louis XIV’s mistress, just for fun.

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