Good Morning All Week

I get dressed every day (except for maybe 2 days a year where I call in sick and where jammies around Target buying Theraflu) like everyone else. Not a big deal, at all. So why start posting daily outfits? 
Maybe I’m proud of the color of my (and Shawn’s) new bedroom. Perhaps it’s because this will help me remember what I wore so as to realize I wear something too much, or never enough, etc. Maybe I really like the length of my hair right now. Maybe it’s been a bit cold to do “outfit” photos outside and the inside of our apartment feels no cooler than a sauna in Puerto Vallarta thanks to the heat controlled by the iguana who decides on the heat temps for the entire building. 
Whatever my reasoning each morning, here is the first run of “Good Morning All Week”. Apologizes for fuzzy, crooked, not-great photos featuring my sometimes-awkward pre-coffee morning smile. 
I hope you love my flawed mornings more than I do.

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