I Wish for White Moto Jacket

think if I got paired with a celebrity best friend it would be Lea Michele, we
could be into show tunes and brunette shampoo together. But if I could have a dream celebrity best friend it would be
Nicole Richie for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being I would love to shop
with her (using Lionel’s Amex no less). She wears a lot of looks I don’t think
I could pull off, but if we were dream celeb besties I’m sure she would encourage me to try on some of her stuff. I would
love to take a crack at wearing a white motorcycle jacket (just like my bff
Nikki), and although I’m sure the studs on Nicole’s would be a lil’ much for
me, here are a few other’s a think Nicole would high-five me for buying on our
shopping trip together.
Club Monaco//
Michael Kors//
Forever 21//

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