Pool Slides for Spring/Summer

 My summers are spent either commuting to work on the Subway (i.e. I need a commuter shoe) or after-work and weekends chasing/dragging a toddler all over Brooklyn. The weekend part includes bike rides, splash pads, and sticky ice cream situations (I usually spill more than she does). This calls for walkable, wipeable footwear and I’m so excited that the 90’s “pool slide” look is back. I plan on buying a few pairs because they’ll get some serious use and also I have a shoe problem.

The YSL’s above are #1 because I could get away with them as an office shoe, but I’m also thinking that a classic Adidas pair will look perfect with cutoffs and a “rocker” tee that I bought at Forever 21 instead of a an actual concert.

 Happy slide shopping!


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