brushing with // my dentist told me I had to stop using white strips, so this natural charcoal powder is the best substitute that actually works – pro tip: it can really turn your sink black so when start brushing tilt you head back

listening to // You Must Remember This podcast makes me actually look forward for my commute into and out of Manhattan! The Manson’s Hollywood episodes are totally addicting

coveting // the time I’ve spent talking myself out of this hot pink Gucci pink mules

snacking on // these dark chocolates are really good and BONUS they contain the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee, truly the perfect pick-me-up

watching // Love Island season 4 on Hulu! There are like 58 episodes, the accents are amazing, and if you start watching you’ll never go back to the Bachelor again I promise! It’s that good!

applying // I’ve only used French-favorite A313 a few times, but my skin always looks super smooth the next day. The price is right but MAKE SURE your skin is super dry after washing to apply, otherwise you’ll get really itchy – good luck!

addicted to // Madewell’s crew neck tee, which a friend turned me on to and know I find myself buying a new color every week…they’re cheap and cut just right with a high waist (mom!) jean. Love.

needing // a basic and versatile, wear everyday black bootie. My coworker said these Loeffler Randall Isla booties are the best and super comfy so I’m thinking about getting them!

shopping for // and upcoming girls trip to Miami! I need a serious update on all-things swimwear and I’m a little nervous about wear the new high-cut styles with my mom-butt, but I’m going to give this leopard one from Target a try

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