Holiday Cards 2018!

I love getting holiday cards in the mail, putting them on display, and keeping them until well after the holidays, some of my favorites I’ve kept for years and pull them out every year! Fun!

Sending family holiday cards, not so much. Getting more than one person to smile a “nice” smile at the same time, with the right lighting and coordinated but not-too-coordinated outfits is not easy, especially when there are babies, toddlers, and men involved (also I completely realize some people also do all of this with a dog which blows my mind – bless you.)

This year I got on it early for the first time ever! We went away with some friends a few weeks ago and decided to take turns at attempting family photos, which is always awkward but if everyone’s on-board then its kinda fun despite some tears and the mugging the adults had to do to get the kids to smile. We are a one-photo-per-card family so it was helpful for me to remember we just needed one!

This year everyone had to wear something that was purple, blue, gray, or white to keep the color-theme slightly coordinated but not over-the-top with matching plaid (which I’m all about but Shawn…not so much). We used Basic Invite to make Holiday cards online, and I loved how you could completely-color-customize any of the cards! Shawn is Jewish and didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, and its honestly been hard to find cards that aren’t red and green, have Christmas trees, say something along the lines of “Christmas Blessings”, etc. Swapping out bright red text for a color that is far-less Christmasy and coordinates with the outfit-color theme is truly a win/win! For all of you who celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah (or neither!) Basic Invite is a great option.

Below you’ll see how there are so many color options to choose from for all parts of the cards including the envelope! They also have color-customizable stationary which is on my self-gifting list this year and christmas holiday party invitation templates!

Good luck with those cards – you got this!


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