Coordinating Coats + Naked Knees

I’m going to start by saying I have another Juliette & Me outfit post coming up which also features the two of us wearing coordinating (never exactly matching) coats. It is winter after all, and as we aren’t always jonesin to get outdoors (reminder, winter) I have more time to put a tiny bit more thought into what everyone is wearing. “Let’s match!” or “Hey look at that, we both have dark green parkas with fur hoods – how did that happen?!” comes up a lot more now than in the summer when I certainly can’t pull off bubble shorts and Juliette would wind up in the hospital if she was climbing around the playground in a maxi dress.

So here we are, matching coats Round 1.
Round 2 will be up this week just to make a point!
P.S. My jeans here are gifted from Tobi and I really like how cool they make me feel. Serious knee exposure in the winter isn’t one I take lightly, but when I’m wearing giant sweaters and coats it’s nice to toughen it all up a little. I love how these are high-waisted and non-stretchy!
P.P.S. Bottom pic shows what we do when we aren’t outside (pajamas, bed jumping, shameless mirror selfies)!

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