Friends with (blogging) Benefits

I spent most of New York Fashion Week in sneakers, a sweater from 16 seasons ago, and a mom-bun. This was the perfect outfit for chasing a toddler around Dekalb Market in Brooklyn and visiting three different playgrounds.

Most but not all…

I spent the better part (i.e. after-hours) and afternoon on Saturday with Audrey of Happily Audrey and Vanessa of What Would V Wear, two too-legit-to-quit fashion bloggers that I’ve become friends with and fans of over the last few years. They are both sweet, successful, fun, and most importantly (for me) : inclusive.

Inclusivity is key, because I’m not really fashion blogging with a capital “F” over here. I write about being a mom, the balance of being Minnesota “nice” in NYC, and ‘fashion’ when it comes to what to wear-to-work and “momming” on the weekend. I like my lil’ Gucci loafers and getting to wear a pair of heels on date nights, but for the most part my fashion world revolves around looking and feeling cute while still being able to get covered in strawberry ice cream and going down the “big girl” slide a the playground. So less Gucci, more stretchy jeans.

Okay, less mom, more Gucci: Our Saturday started at the Brooklyn Bridge where I jumped in a few of their seriously Sasha Fierce photos (see above), then off to brunch and some serious girl talk. I got to learn about how they’re grown their businesses and Audrey’s crazy weekend in NYC for her bachelorette (Audrey I’ll never tell)! We went for pizza + karaoke later (again, I’ll never tell). I went home at midnight on Saturday knowing I have two supportive, smart friends in the blogging world that also happen to sing better than Fergie (okay I told).

If you’re new to blogging or branding or whatever it may be, reach out to those who inspire you, stay in touch, and one day you may all be trading YouTube tricks and sharing a bottle of Grey Goose at a karaoke bar in Koreatown. How to get in touch with and find like-minded bloggers? DM, comment, email, don’t be too shy at events, and trust me, they’ll like you back.

Thanks for the best NYFW ever Audrey + V! Letting me and my mom-bun hang with you girls was everything.



my outfit details : top // Trouve @Nordstrom, Bag // Gucci, Shoes // Gucci, Jeans // old, similar here and here

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