Charleston Photo Diary


Hey y’all! If you know me even a little bit, you know that Charleston is close to my heart. And my brain. It’s where I attended (ahem, and graduated) college (I was on the dance team, an English major, and lived in 2 pink houses). It’s where Shawn and I got engaged. And now it’s a fantastic destination for toddler travel as the flight is only one hour and twenty minutes! It’s also got a lot of other goodies going for it.

We went a few weeks ago with friends, and because I lived there and visited lots, it was a bit nostalgic and fun to see the see the city with friends. We decided to stay on Folly Beach because we knew the kids would love it, and although there are a lot of options for beach areas, Folly is the surfer, hippie, dive bar, taco truck-type beach I like best. We spent the extra $$$ to stay right on the beach which is totally worth it for the view, accessibility, and there’s something about being able to walk straight from your backdoor into the ocean that I think is worth the steeper price.

Other highlights:

  • I got to have lunch with my college girlfriend! I maybe happy cried to see her and we went to the cutest little girlfriend lunch spot – The Park Cafe 
  • We got a babysitter so we all got to go downtown sans toddlers one night and it was awesome and boozy – Zero George was the perfect, non kid-friendly, very adult, very delicious place we were hoping for
  • We did take the girls downtown on the last day mostly so I could have my favorite ice cream from the tourist-centric Kilwin’s (I get chocolate peanut butter), and having them run around Battery Park killed a good hour and a lot of energy
  • Before even checking into beach house I made Shawn stop for tacos and taco salads (?!) at Taco Boy on Folly Beach
  • I was technically a tourist and not a super hip college student during this trip so we did some touristy stuff including shopping on Market Street which included stopping for Callie’s Biscuits – so so good y’all

If you want any other Charleston feel free to direct message me on Instagram @hollynbaron – I love being a bossy know-it-all when it comes to anything but directions and poached eggs.

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