Jetsetting (ie flying home to Minnesota) with a Baby Tips

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I get questions from friends new and old about traveling with a baby, and it
really isn’t easy – so I thought I would share what I know from my 10+ flights with Juliette.
Obviously, traveling with Shawn helps tremendously, but it hasn’t always been possible. Flying solo with a baby can be rough, here are my tips:
1 //
Get the baby on a nap/bedtime schedule (also not easy) and schedule the flight for when you have the best shot at your baby snoozing through the flight
2 //
Check everything at the gate (stroller, car seat, luggage). Bring a baby carrier (I keep mine in a foldable tote bag), and just wear  your baby through security and around the airport. Checking a stroller and car seat is free – and Delta usually has special bags for these items, if not bring big trash bags or order special travel bags here
3 //
Ask for help. Getting through security with a huge diaper bag, taking shoes off, etc., is hard, and don’t be afraid to ask someone to help out, people will want to help or may even offer without you having to ask!
4 //
Juliette is on the move 24/7 now, so I try to get to the gate and run her around before getting on the flight so she gets tuckered out pre-flight
5 //
Snacks are essential for myself when traveling – and Juliette follows my lead. I make sure to have enough “eat your feelings” snacks for Juliette when she gets fussy, which is as soon as she realizes she can’t crawl around. Apple slices, celery sticks, Mums, Pirate’s Booty, a sippy with water, and chicken are all favorites
6 //
In-flight entertainment is also a must. An iPad with episodes of Sesame Street isn’t in the cards yet, and if Juliette isn’t able to fall asleep on the flight then its good to have plan B, and plan C, and plan D., and this goes on. I wish I had THE TOY that works magic on a flight, but I don’t. Juliette has preferred Madeline in London, hearing me sign The Wheels on the Bus, and playing beek-a-boo – again the best idea is to help you baby sleep
7 //
Try to take care of yourself. Sure you won’t be able to listen to Lord Huron while reading the latest Marie Claire, but make sure to pack some mom-friendly snacks and bring headphones in case you swing watching the in-flight movie
8 //
Did I mention bringing baby help is the best help? Here’s my proof:
Happy Traveling!

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