My Baby is Turning Into a Big Kid

I suppose
it was bound to happen, my teensy weenie baby getting big. Yesterday she
turned nine months old.  We brought her home from Mount Sinai hospital
last July weighing shy of 4lbs, and now she’s saying “Dada” and trying
to climb up the furniture. It’s incredible and I feel so lucky every
single day.

a big kid she’s more fun, and sometimes I even forget she’s not my
buddy and she’s actually almost a baby because she just isn’t very

have a lot to be grateful for, including all of the milestones of the
last nine months, and all the ones we have to look forward to.
Juliette lately loves: 
sitting (even by herself) playing with her toys
sitting with friends and playing with their toys
“wrestling” in our bed (she likes when we roll her on top of us and pretend she’s “tackling” us)
eating pizza, puffs, pita bread, slices of baguette, so carbs
Juliette isn’t so into:
eating her dinner with is basically veggies
laying on her back
wearing clothes

                                           sharing the remote (she likes it in her mouth)

My jeans // old, similar here, My “J” Shirt // Urban Outfitters, Juliette’s Bow // Little Luba, Juliette’s pants // Target, High Chair // Bloom

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